Delta’s inexperience aids girls’ JV basketball in taking their first victory

Kevin Huang
Sophomore Chloé Collinwood dribbles past a Delta player.

Thanks to Delta High School’s inexperience, the JV girls’ basketball team was able to put up more shots, leading to their first win of the season, 46-30.

“We were facing a team that wasn’t that skilled in dribbling, so we were able to make more steals and go straight for the shot,” sophomore Emily Hayes said.

Sophomore Jacqueline Chao concurred and said the team was more aggressive, positioned the ball better and thought before they passed.

“We would go for every rebound and shoot instead of passing (it) around randomly or (expecting) certain people, like sophomores Chloe Collinwood or Emily Hayes, to shoot.” Chao said.

This was true for the entire game. Each time the other team shot the ball, the Cavs were right there to scoop the ball back and dribble across the court, a different player taking a shot each time.

Hayes said the team’s passing, shooting and spacing still needs more work. But she said she is confident.

“If we keep improving, I think we’ll win a lot of our  games,” she said.

The JV’s next game is Thursday, Dec. 15, away at Sacramento Waldorf at 5 p.m.

By Emma Boersma

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