JV volleyball finds final match of the season against Cornerstone difficult, but wins nevertheless

The JV volleyball team beat Cornerstone Christian for the second time on Oct. 25.

The girls said they went in feeling confident for their final game, especially after their previous Cornerstone victory, Sept. 20.

“The game felt scary but exciting,” sophomore Kyra Lafitte said.

“I thought we would win against this team since we won last time.”

Despite the confident predictions, the girls lost their first set, 20-25. Nevertheless, the game wasn’t as easy as the girls expected.

“The game was very stressful,” Collinwood said.

“People weren’t calling the ball and missing serves. However even with the loss of the first set, the girls stayed in the game and were focused for their second set according to sophomore Chloé Collinwood.

In the second set the girls pushed through, 25-22, bringing them up to a three-point lead. Feeling that early confidence once again, the team won their final set of the year, 15-7.

“We finished the season strong with a win.” coach Kristi Mathisen said.

“Everyone played, everyone was positive and we overcame some adversity with multiple serve and serve-receive errors.”

By Mehdi Lacombes

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