Missed serves, inexperienced refs, week of no practice lead to varsity volleyball loss to Valley Christian

Adam Dean
Senior Alexa Mathisen serves in the varsity team’s game against the Lions.

After coming back from a week of relaxation on their class trips, the varsity girls’ volleyball team had a tough time against league rivals Valley Christian, losing, 1-3, on Oct. 13.

“Last night’s match was a hard fight, but we fell short,” coach Jason Kreps said.

“Valley Christian just had a great night. They played the best I’ve seen them play and were very consistent from the back row.”

And that wasn’t what the girls were anticipating.

“Going out there, I didn’t expect them to come out hard,” sophomore Lia Kaufman said.

“The last game (Sept. 16) was a pretty easy win for us. But (when) we got out on the court, I immediately noticed they were better and had some very strong hits.”

Nevertheless, the Cavs held out the first set, slimly winning, 25-23.

But in the succeeding games, it was a different story.

“In game two, we missed a lot of serves and had some unforced errors,” Kaufman said.

They lost that set, 23-25.

“Game three was more difficult,” Kaufman said.

“There was a time in the game where we were in a hole, but we finally got out and started playing our game.”

But Valley still snagged the win, 22-25.

The last set, the Cavs were tied with the Lions at the tail end, but barely lost, 25-27.

According to sophomore Heidi Johnson, there were multiple factors that contributed to this close loss.

“We were playing (on) their court, which is always harder than home games,” Johnson said.

“We (had) people playing out of position at some points. (Captain) Alexa (Mathisen) played outside instead of setter; (sophomore) Bella (Mathisen played) right side instead of outside.”

Kaufman added that if these as well as other factors were changed, they would have had a much better chance of a win.

“I think overall we would have won if we had stayed composed, played our game and had (fewer) unforced errors.”

Johnson agreed, adding that the floors weren’t the only parts of their Valley Christian game that gave them trouble.

“The refs were also a challenge, as they didn’t appear to have as much experience or know the game as well,” Johnson said.

“In the beginnings (of the sets) we let them gain a lead, and then we did a good job of not giving up and fighting back, but it wasn’t enough.”

Kreps agreed.

“In sets two, three and four, we allowed the other team to get too far ahead,” Kreps said.  “Even with huge comebacks in each, it was just too much.”

Kreps’s suggestion: work on passing, and amp up consistency.

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By Chardonnay Needler

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