Cross-country runners not happy with results of Elkhorn Golf Course meet

Though some cross-country team members were disappointed with their results from the Elkhorn Golf Course meet on Sept. 25, coach Nick Domich said that he was content with the team’s performance. 

Juniors Theo Kaufman and Andrew Rossell and seniors Aidan Cunningham, Christian Van Vleck, Emil Erickson and Adam Dean ran the 5000-meter varsity boys race.

Kaufman finished at 18:33.4, Cunningham at 20:48.9, Van Vleck at 22:48.6, Erickson at 24:22.6, Dean at 24:56.9 (a personal record) and Rossell at 28:54.4 (also a personal record). The boys placed 69th, 137th, 180th, 195th, 201st and 211th, respectively.

Van Vleck said he was not happy with his results this week.

“It was a really easy trail, the distance wasn’t very long, and we had practiced a lot before running,” Van Vleck said. “(However),I got a minute and a half over my last time in the same race.

“My teammates weren’t very happy with their results either. It just wasn’t a good race.

“I don’t know why we did so poorly. Maybe we weren’t pushing ourselves enough.”

However, Domich said that although “there wasn’t much improvement this week,” he was still happy with the boys’ results.

Junior Riya Rampalli ran the 5000-meter varsity girls race, finishing at 26:22.

Freshman MacKenzie McLeod ran the two-mile freshman/sophomore race, finishing at 21:27.

The team will have their next meet at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on Saturday, Oct. 1.

The team had planned to run in a meet on Sept. 28, but it was cancelled.

By Héloïse Schep

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