Varsity volleyball vanquishes Victory Christian, but runs out of steam at the end

(Photo by Sarah Song)
The varsity volleyball girls take a group picture before their match against Victory Christian.

Standing on the court of their long-term rivals, the Country Day girls’ volleyball team faced off against Victory Christian on Sept. 13.

After three sets, each one close at the end, the girls came through and won 25-19, 25-17, 25-19.

But even though they won, the girls agreed this wasn’t their best performance.

“It wasn’t a blowout,” sophomore Heidi Johnson said.

“Our passing started off a little bit weak, but we improved as the game went on.”

Sophomore Lia Kaufman agreed.

“Our passing was not amazing,” Kaufman said.

“A lot of (the balls) were tight against the net.”

Balls in close proximity to the net are just as difficult to deal with as those that go out, as hitting the net automatically gives the other side a point.

In addition to passing errors, the girls also continued their trend of losing energy by the end of the game.

“We weren’t moving to the ball,” junior Yasmin Gupta said.

“We let balls drop and we weren’t moving our feet. We weren’t getting to the ball quick enough to make a good play.”

These and other factors led to a troublesome beginning, according to sophomore Bella Mathisen.

“The first game started off a little rough,” Mathisen said.

All this aside, the girls still were consistently good at some plays, namely, serving.

“We all agreed that our serves were the most consistent, (and) that is why we won,” Kaufman said.

“We had much better passing, stronger hitting and stronger serves,” Gupta said.

According to Johnson, the girls got multiple aces – instant points from serves that the other team does not return.

As this was a non-season game, it was another good learning experience. And they have some goals for their next game against Woodland Christian at 5 p.m.

“We just need (fewer) serving errors, better passes and more intensity,” sophomore Tori Van Vleck said.

By Chardonnay Needler

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