‘Challenging’ Darkhorse course means inflated scores for golf team at sectionals

Sophomore Miles Edwards and seniors Ben Felix and Brad Petchauer represented the Cavs at sectionals on May 9 at Darkhorse Golf Club.

None of the players had a score low enough to qualify for Masters, the next round of competition.

Other teams competing were Bradshaw Christian, Buckingham Charter, and Sacramento Adventist.

Edwards had the fewest strokes of the Cavs with 99, followed by Felix with 102 and Petchauer with 144. The cutoff to advance was 85.

The team shot much higher compared to their May 2 event at Haggin Oaks, where Edwards shot 86, Felix 87 and Petchauer 103.

“The course was a lot more challenging than at Haggin Oaks,” Felix said. “There were a lot of obstacles, and it was very narrow.”

Coach Matt Vargo agreed that the Darkhorse course was much more difficult.

“It’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s like playing a high-school basketball team one week, and playing the Kings the next,” Vargo said.

It wasn’t only the Cavs who saw inflated scores.

“I’d estimate that everyone shot at least 10 strokes more than their normal (score),” Vargo said. “There was one kid in my group who took 25 strokes to finish a hole.”

Although this was Edwards’s first year on the team, he made first-team all league.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had to push myself so hard before mentally,” Edwards said.

—By Adam Dean

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