With one more sub than usual, lacrosse team rolls to another win over Bella Vista

The undefeated lacrosse team has worked with only one sub for the past two weeks – until May 2, when the Cavs defeated the Bella Vista High School Broncos, 10-4.

Sophomore Theo Kaufman was back from a sports injury that damaged his thumb a few weeks ago.

Even though this was his first game, Kaufman pushed his season off to a strong start, scoring two goals.

Junior Aidan Cunningham and freshman Benett Sackheim were the leading scorers with three goals each, continuing Cunningham’s two-week streak of being the lead scorer.

Freshman Tristann Dias also added two goals.

Although it ended up a victory, things looked much different earlier in the game.

At the end of the first quarter, the Cavs were tied 2-2.

“We were slow in the beginning,” head coach Brooke Wells said. “We weren’t too aggressive.”

But then they picked up their offense.

“When we started spreading the ball around,” Wells said. “We finally got things going.”

Although two subs are better than one, the Cavs still faced exhaustion.

“It’s always difficult to run,” Wells said. “It’s much better to press the whole time on offense but hard to do that when you can only run so much.”

Wells attributed the victory to the boys’ impeccable defense and a better offense, too.

“The defense continues to be great, with zone and catching flies,” Wells said.

Dias agreed, pointing out a specific defensive player.

“(Freshman) Ethan (Hockridge) is a bomb goalie,” Dias said. “His experience from soccer gave him good goalie instincts.”

Wells agreed, saying that Hockridge made a number of impressive stops during the game.

And the Cavs’ offense improved as well.

“We added more dimensions to our offense, (and) moved the ball around more,” Wells said.

Dias said that the Cavs’ new offensive plans really benefitted the team.

“We had a good attack plan that involved me, (freshman) Ben (Miner), (Kaufman), (Sackheim) and (Cunningham),” Dias said. “(Kaufman), (Miner) and I played attack and (Sackheim) and (Cunningham) played mid.”

To keep the offense fresh, the boys would go to Wells.

“During timeout we’d go to Mr. Wells,” Dias said, “and he’d give us some advice on different plays. Each time around, we tried to make it work.”

And work it did.

“(This was the) best game of the year by far,” Wells said. “This is a super strong squad.”

Wells thinks that the boys just need to keep doing what they are doing to remain undefeated.

“Just keep on with the multi-dimensional offense,” Wells said. “Maybe if we have two-to-three more plays, too. We’ll be in good shape for Saturday.”

That game – against San Jose’s Latino College Prep – will be at home on May 7 at 1:30 p.m.

—By Chardonnay Needler

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