More injuries and a loss for the soccer girls against Buckingham

Sophomore Nina Dym
(Photo used by permission of Alice Kellie)
A Buckingham player attacks sophomore Nina Dym (right) in the Cavs’ April 26 game.

Date: April 26

Location: Elm Street Field

Opponent: Buckingham Charter Knights

Previous matchup against the Knights: SCDS win, 5-4, on April 14

Score: 2-6

Halftime: 1-4

Scorers: Freshman Abby LaComb (two goals)

Inside Info: The Cavs were again missing valuable players for a variety of reasons, just as in the April 21 game against Cristo Rey.

As in previous games, the girls had trouble with conditioning, moving the ball up and forming shots. LaComb said the field was also not in good condition. It was bumpy and dry, something that the Cavs were not used to.

“It was a real challenge to play on,” LaComb said.

The team also had trouble with the refs, who the Cavs believed made many unfair calls.

Insight from LaComb: “Everyone was just kind of off,” LaComb said. “But we tried our hardest and just couldn’t connect.”

Injuries: The injury trend continued with the Cavs. Senior Aidan Galati was knocked down in the first half, bruising her ribs and body. She was unable to continue to play after her fall.

Freshman Lia Kaufman also took a hard fall at the end of the first half, hitting her elbow, but continued to play.

Outstanding player (per LaComb): “(Sophomore Evann Rudek) was so good! She played center defense for the last few minutes of the game and killed it.”

Next game: Thursday, April 28, at 4 p.m. against Western Sierra Collegiate Academy at Foskett Park.

—By Jack Christian

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