Cavs cruise in 17-5 victory over Western Sierra

“We’ll lose at most two more games,” freshman Nate Jakobs said in an interview about the season, “possibly to perennial powerhouse Valley (Christian Academy).”

Well, after his overly optimistic beginning-of-season prediction, it seems the baseball team is living up to Jakobs’s most recent claim with a 17-5 stomp over the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy Wolves.

In their last game, when they steamrolled over the Trinity Prep Crusaders 13-3, the Cavs took an early first-inning lead and strung together 10 runs in the third to put the game out of reach.

But it didn’t take the Cavs any time at all to create a gap between themselves and the Wolves.

The Wolves had a mediocre first inning, putting up only one run.

The Cavs came back and put up six of their own, all starting with junior Emil Erickson getting hit by a pitch.

But the string of runs came as a surprise to Jakobs, as the Wolves’ defense looked strong in warm-ups.

“We didn’t expect that much of an offensive burst,” Jakobs said. “Once we got started, we knew it would last.”

Jakobs seems to be on as hot of a streak with his predictions for his team because the Cavs kept the fire burning in the second.

After holding the Wolves scoreless in the top of second, the Cavs kept rolling, adding three more runs to give them a 9-1 lead.

So when the Wolves strung together three runs in the top of the third, the boys had a cushion to fall back on.

But the Cavs, still hitting like they were on the juice, put together another six-run inning, this time starting more gracefully, with a triple by senior Jacob Durante.

Jakobs contributed the six-run innings to the team mentality.

“We were very confident, and everyone swung the bat well,” Jakobs said. “Even if they didn’t all end up as hits, we were all hitting the ball hard and squaring lots of pitches up.”

Down 15-4, the Wolves were demoralized, making for a second, easy shutout inning for senior pitcher Ben Felix.

“It was a masterful pitching performance by (Felix),” Jakobs said. “There wasn’t a single hard hit ball because of Ben. He only allowed four hits in the entire game.”

After this dominating a performance, the Cavs have their eyes set on league favorites, the Valley Christian Academy Lions.

But to beat the Lions, the Cavs will need to be on their A-game.

“We can beat them if everybody hits well,” Jakobs said.

Even though Jakobs and the Cavs are already looking to their May 3 matchup against the Lions, they will need to take on the Wolves once again, this time in their den on Friday, April 29, at 4 p.m.

—By Jake Longoria

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