Sophomore Annya Dahmani runs the 100-meter hurdles in 19.45 seconds, placing 16th of 45 at the April 9 meet at Rocklin High School.

Track and field members disappointed by performances at rainy meet

(Photo used by permission of Zina Dahmani)
Sophomore Annya Dahmani runs the 100-meter hurdles in 19.45 seconds, placing 16th of 45 at the April 9 meet at Rocklin High School.

Rainy weather, lack of practice and the attendance of 50 other schools made the track and field meet on April 9 at Rocklin High School difficult for the five members competing.

According to freshman Heidi Johnson, it rained early in the meet, making it hard to stay warm.

Coach Nick Domich said that many of the members underperformed.

“The foul weather was a factor,” he  said.

Johnson placed second in the high jump with a height of 4 feet, 10 inches.

However, Johnson said she was disappointed with her result, as she had expected to jump higher.

Johnson and sophomore Annya Dahmani both competed in the long jump.

Johnson placed second with a length of 16’-1/2”, and Dahmani jumped a length of 12’-7 1/2”.

Neither was pleased with her result, and both said they felt they could have done better.

“(My result) was a foot shorter than my best, and my other three jumps were in the 15’s, which often doesn’t occur several times (in a row),” Johnson said.

Because of spring break, Dahmani, Johnson and sophomore Nina Dym said they did not train as much as they usually would.

Dym placed fourth of 80 in the freshman/sophomore 100-meter with a time of 14.13 seconds.

Dym didn’t practice at all over the break, but said she was happy with her placing, and was surprised that she did so well.

Dahmani placed 16th of 45 in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 19.45.

Dahmani said she had expected to do better than 16th place.

“I’m trying to break my 18-second mark, but today wasn’t a good day to do that,” she said.

“The weather was cold and raining, (and) I’ve been pretty out of shape since I haven’t worked out that much over break. I ran only a total of five miles, so that could have contributed to my not-so-good day.”

Dahmani also ran the 100-meter and placed 42nd of 80 with a time of 14.84.

Johnson ran the varsity 100-meter and placed 33rd of 67 with a time of 14.35.

Johnson said it wasn’t a very good race for her.

“(At first) I blamed it on me being tired, and my feet hurting, and such – but truthfully I just didn’t do well, and that happens,” she said.

Johnson also competed in the triple jump event for the first time, but didn’t place.

Because the event had already started when she arrived, she didn’t get to run through the event first.

“I was just running and seeing where I would land,” Johnson said.

“As a result, I ended up going off my left foot, which was not what I was supposed to do. (On the second jump) I ended up going off my right foot, (starting out) good, but then I got mixed up and stumbled through the last two.”

Johnson had to leave due to a busy schedule after two attempts instead of the usual four..

Sophomore Steven Wang ran the 400-meter and placed 23rd of 66 with a time of 58.26.

Wang said the rain and numerous competitors made the event harder.

“It is better to run in good weather, but (since) everyone was running in the rain, it’s fair,” he said.

“More schools (there) made me feel like I really needed to do my best.”

Sophomore Katia Dahmani threw the discus 65’-10” placing 19th of 61.

The team’s next competition is the League Meet on Friday, April 22, at Foresthill High School.

—By Mohini Rye

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