(Photo used by permission of Johnson)
Freshman Heidi Johnson runs the 300-meter hurdles for the first time at the Metro Invitational on March 26. She placed second of 22 with a time of 51.23 seconds.

Freshman Heidi Johnson and sophomore Steven Wang were the only track and field team members competing against 30 other schools at the Metro Invitational on March 26 at Burbank High School.

Despite the low turnout, there was a first- and second-place finish, thanks to Johnson.

Although she said her foot ached from the high jump she had done earlier in the day, Johnson still competed in the long jump and placed first of 21 competitors with a length of 17 feet.

But Johnson experienced a disappointment in her first jump.

“My very first jump I did, they staked in the measuring tape while the other guy raked away the marks in the sand, and the guy at the other end of the measuring tape called out 17’-5”,” she said.

“I was so excited I beat my (best) jump, but then another man came over, said they placed the stake in the wrong spot, and proceeded to move it, making it only 17’ – a tie for my best jump.”

Johnson stopped the event after two jumps due to her injured foot.

According to Johnson, she was placed in the slowest heat because she had no time, as it was her first time doing 300-meter hurdles.

“I didn’t know my time and figured I wouldn’t place, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I got second (place),” Johnson said.

“I need to work on my stamina, since I had horrible throat burn afterwards, but I think that (it’s) a race I should pursue.”

(Photo used by permission of Johnson)
Johnson, pictured with coach Nick Domich, received medals for her first- and second-place finishes.

In the high jump, Johnson placed fifth of 11 with a height of 4’-8”.

“Because of my hurt left foot, I tried from the opposite direction off of my right foot,” she said.

“I got to 4’-8”, which isn’t too bad for my first time, but when attempting 4’-10”, my form wasn’t as good since I was straining too much and trying too hard.”

According to Johnson, she skipped the 100-meter because it was at the same time as the high jump.

Wang placed ninth of 27 competitors in the 400-meter with a time of 56.6 seconds.

“I did fine, but the other people were really good,” he said.

Wang also ran the 100-meter and placed 11th of 28 with a time of 12.72.

And he placed 12th of 20 in the long jump with a length of 16’.

The next meet is the Stanford Invitational on Friday and Saturday, May 1-2,  at Stanford University.


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