(Photo used by permission of Sue Johnson)
Freshman Heidi Johnson (second from left) ran the 100-meter and 400-meter at the Lancer Invite on March 19. In addition, she placed second in the long jump.

The track and field team brought home two medals after competing against 22 other schools at the Lancer Invite on March 19 at Cordova High School.

Freshman Heidi Johnson earned a medal for second-place finish in the long jump with a length of 16 feet, 10 inches.

Sophomore Steven Wang received a medal for placing fifth in the 400-meter with a time of 56.59 seconds.

Wang also ran the 200-meter and placed 11th with a time of 26.1.

Sophomore Annya Dahmani placed ninth of 25 competitors in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 18.67.

However, Dahmani experienced problems while competing.

“I finished third in my heat, but they put me as a no-time, so I had to go to the officials and get (everything) fixed,” she said. “They ‘fixed’ it, but messed up, and said that I tied for last place in my heat.

“I had to go back again to tell them they had an error in their system because I definitely finished third. There was  a video of me (to prove it).”

Dahmani, Johnson and junior Anny Schmidt all ran the 100-meter.

Dahmani had a time of 14.3, Johnson 13.95 and Schmidt 15.81.

“Today was a nice day to run,” Dahmani said. “Kind of hot, but pretty good.”

None placed in the top five; Dahmani said that competition was tougher today.

Senior Serajh Esmail competed in the 100-meter but was disqualified.

Esmail said that it was a really bad race day for him.

“I was placed in the third heat in the varsity 100-meter when I should have been placed in the second heat,” he said. “They had a wrong seed time for me that was 0.8 seconds slower than my actual 100-meter time.

“(Then) at the start of my race, I false started and was disqualified.”

Sophomore Katia Dahmani threw the discus a length of 62 feet, placing 30th of 44 competitors.

Dahmani said she was nervous because it was her first time doing that event.

“My practice throws were good, but when I actually threw I didn’t do too well,” she said.

Johnson ran the 400-meter with a time of 69.7 seconds and placed 22nd of 42.

According to Johnson, it was her first time running the 400-meter.

“My endurance was not very good,” she said. “I was one of the last people (to finish)!”

The team was going to compete in the 4 x 100 relay, but there weren’t enough members to run due to event overlaps.

The next meet is on Tuesday, March 22, at Rio Linda High School.

—By Mohini Rye

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