Cavs beat Encina’s three-person tennis team

Date: March 9

Opponent: Encina High School

Location: Del Norte Club

Result: Win for Cavs

Boy’s singles

Sophomore Nico Burns: 6-0, 6-0

Girls’ doubles

Freshmen Allison Zhang and Jacqueline Chao: 10-4

Note:  There were no boys’ doubles or girls’ singles matches since Encina had a roster of only three players.

Inside info from Chao: “We are pretty proud that we won two games in a row. It was an easy game to win, partly because of (Encina’s) lack of experience, but Allison also gave some really good shots. And we have had a lot of improvement compared to the first game.”

Inside info from Zhang: “I’m really happy with the way Jacqueline and I played. Our serves were consistent, and communication was good. For both teams it seemed more like a learning experience for what to improve on, and the other team’s coach was super nice and helpful, giving both our team and theirs tips.”

—By Grace Naify

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