Coach Jason Kreps (far left) and the skiers gather post-race on the first day of the state championship at Mount Shasta, March 7.

STATES DAY 1: Five skiers race in slalom at Mount Shasta following 18 inches of snow

(Photo used by permission of Christy Procida)
Coach Jason Kreps (far left) and the skiers gather post-race on the first day of the state championship at Mount Shasta, March 7.

A rough course didn’t stop the Cavs at Mount Shasta on March 7, the first day of the state competition for men’s and women’s ski.

Mount Shasta had received 18 inches of snow in the last 24 hours, leading to a good beginning for the Cavs.

“The course was great in the morning,” junior Daniel Hernried said.

But that did not stay true for long.

With so many racers going over the exact same turns, the snow got pushed away and formed ruts, according to senior Amelia Fineberg. 

First up were two slalom races, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Procida, ranked first in the league, had trouble from the beginning.

“The first run threw me around a little bit, but by the second I had it down,” Procida said.

He placed 15th of 80 skiers.

Ranked fourth in the league, freshman Ethan Hockridge placed 27th. And Hernried, fifth in the league, placed 44th.

In women’s ski, senior Amelia Fineberg placed 40th of 64 skiers.

All four racers thought they did well.

But Procida said he still thinks he can do better.

“I had two really consistent runs, but I still think I have a few things to work on,” he said.

States presented a new challenge, as the competition pool consisted of the best of the state.

There were also many more racers, 80 in men’s ski compared to the usual 20 in league competitions.

“These guys are pros,” Hernried said.

But the team continues to stay optimistic.

“I’m happy because I was competing against people who train all their lives, but I still did great,” Hernried said.


(Photo used by permission of Christy Procida)
Senior Amelia Fineberg placed 40th on the first day of state competition.

In addition, none of the racers competed in states last year.

Procida and Hockridge are both new to the team.

Last year Hernried sustained a hip injury and could not compete.

And Fineberg was unable to attend due to a biology lab.

This same lab has caused problems for racers this year too.

Senior snowboarder Aidan Galati qualified for states in both giant slalom and slalom but was unable to attend because of the lab.

The men’s and women’s ski team will compete again Tuesday, March 8, in giant slalom at Shasta.

The snowboarders begin slalom on Wednesday, March 9, followed by giant slalom on Thursday, March 10.

Junior Aidan Cunningham will be the only snowboarder competing.

—By Jack Christian

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