Twenty-seven inches of snow later, Cavs’ final race at Boreal canceled

Following a winter-storm warning, the ski and snowboard team's slalom at Boreal was cancelled. It has been rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 19.
(Photo used by permission of Creative Commons)
The Feb. 19 Boreal race was canceled after 27 inches of snow fell in the 48 hours leading up to it.

Boreal has received 27 inches of snow in the last 48 hours, causing the Cavs’ final race on Feb. 19 to be canceled.

“There was too much snow, and Boreal was unable to groom the runs,” coach Jason Kreps said.

“It’s just too hard to race in powder, and there is also a lot of liability that goes with it,” freshman Luca Procida said.

The Cavs did not find out until Thursday afternoon at 5:30 p.m., which posed a problem for many members, as some of them had already headed up to Tahoe immediately after school.

Freshman Ethan Hockridge, junior Emil Erikson and Daniel Hernried all carpooled, leaving at 3:45.

Procida left a little bit later at 4:30.

He was halfway to Tahoe when he discovered that the race had been cancelled.

“When we found out we just turned around and headed back to Sacramento,” Procida said.

It was a different story for Hockridge, Erikson and Hernried.

“We had already arrived in Tahoe when we found out, so we just decided to stay,” Hockridge said.

The three boys decided to ski at Northstar.

Since Kreps already had a substitute for middle-school PE, he also stayed in Tahoe.

The date of the Cavs’ final race remains undetermined.

—By Jack Christian

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