The varsity boys defeated Buckingham, 70-31, in the Cavs' last game of the regular season, Feb. 16.

Varsity boys finish regular season with perfect league record after decisive win over Buckingham

This was the Cavs’ last game of the regular season. The playoff schedule will be released on Thursday, Feb. 18.

Date: Feb. 16

Opponent: Buckingham Charter Magnet High School

Location: Vaca Pena Middle School, Vacaville

Score: 70-31

Quarter 1: 19-0

Quarter 2: 37-8

Quarter 3: 62-22

Leading scorers: Sophomores B.J. Askew (19) and Rick Barros III (19)

Inside info from senior Brad Petchauer: “This game was unusual because we played a 1-3-1 defense, which we hadn’t practiced before. It focuses on the opposing team making bad passes, but we couldn’t capitalize on these bad passes.

“We can improve on free throws and layups as always, as well as playing offense against a zone and getting the ball into the center versus taking too many outside shots.”

Inside info from junior Aidan Cunningham: “Our strengths were that we shot well. We had good ball movement, played unselfishly and had good assists. We still need to improve on taking on defense and having not as many turnovers.”

Player of the game (per coach David Ancrum): “(Barros) because of his ball movement.”

Cavs’ league record: 9-0

Cavs’ overall record: 18-8

—By Allison Zhang

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