Cavs only 3 points out of first after successful Boreal slalom

Going into the Feb. 15 slalom at Boreal, the Cavs were 16 points behind Chico High School and ranked third in the league.

Now the Cavs are only 3 points behind Chico and have a chance for first place.

“The boys raced really well today,” coach Jason Kreps said. “It was a solid race.”

Freshman Ethan Hockridge placed first overall with a time of 1:21.07, beating second-place Ben Traverse by five seconds.

“That’s pretty amazing,” Kreps said.

Freshman Luca Procida followed close behind, placing third of 18 racers with a time of 1:27.

Junior Daniel Hernried came in fifth (1:44.58).

And new racer junior Emil Erickson, was 16th.

For men’s snowboard, freshman Ben Miner came in 16th.

In women’s ski, senior Amelia Fineberg placed 11th.

Fineberg usually places fourth or fifth, but Feb. 15 was a bad day for skiing, according to Fineberg.

“It was pretty awful,” she said. “The snow was really slushy and hard to ski in.”

“I went through the gate incorrectly, and by the time I noticed the people flagging me, I was already 10 yards down the hill.”

Fineberg proceeded to hike 10 yards uphill to the gate and finish the race.

According to Fineberg, four other girls also messed up at the same point.

“No one was going too fast today,” she said.

The Cavs’ final race is a giant slalom on Friday, Feb. 19, at Boreal.

“If we race like the same as we did today, we have a great chance of winning,” Kreps said.

“But still, (it’s) a big race Friday.”

—By Jack Christian

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