Sophomore Reggie Fan dribbles around a Hiram Johnson defender in the JV boys' 44-51 loss to the Warriors, on Feb. 13.

Missed layups cost JV boys a win over Hiram Johnson

Date: Feb. 13

Opponent: Div. III Hiram Johnson (7-16)

Location: Hiram Johnson High School

Score: 44-51

Quarter 1: 17-18

Quarter 2: 24-25

Quarter 3: 27-31

Leading scorers: Sophomores Bryce Longoria (14) and Jake Longoria (11)

Inside info from Jake: “We didn’t rebound enough, and we had too many missed layups. We missed eight (layups) in the fourth quarter, which cost us the game.”

Inside info from Bryce: “We lost because we let (the Warriors) get too many offensive rebounds. We didn’t attack the basket enough.”

Next game: Tuesday, Feb. 16, away against Buckingham Charter, at 4:30 p.m. This will be the boys’ last game of the season.

Cavs’ previous score against Buckingham on Jan. 22: 54-30

Cavs’ overall record: 12-4

Cavs’ league record: 9-1

—By Annya Dahmani

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