Defense, communication help varsity boys demolish Faith Christian

Date: Feb. 9

Opponent: Faith Christian (13-9)

Location: Faith Christian High School, Yuba City

Score: 80-34

Quarter 1: 27-13

Quarter 2: 47-23

Quarter 3: 73-28

Leading scorers: Sophomores B.J. Askew (23) and Jayce McCain (21)

Inside info from senior Brad Petchauer: “We moved the ball and played really solid defense. We didn’t give up many rebounds, and we had a great shooting night. The other team had one player who could have been a threat outside the 3-point line, but (sophomore Cole Johnson) did a great job of shutting him down.”

Inside info from McCain: “Our biggest strength this game was our defense. We probably played the best defense we have played all season. (We were talking a lot on defense, which really helps.) Our weakness was not being able to make our layups. We missed around 12 layups, and we could have won by even more. We still need to improve on talking on defense a little more. If we can talk more, we could go very far in playoffs.”

Next game: Saturday, Feb. 13, at Hiram Johnson High School, time TBA.

—By Allison Zhang

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