JV boys win sixth in a row, annihilating Wilton by 50

The JV boys’ basketball team, currently on a six-game winning streak, came into their Jan. 12 game against Wilton Christian High School confident that they were going to crush them.

“We need to have good offense and share the ball,” sophomore Jake Longoria said before the game. “We can’t lose confidence because confidence is who we are.”

And as predicted, the Cavs defeated Wilton, 81-31, at home.

According to Longoria, the boys never lost their confidence throughout the game

Wilton had a total of eight players, including two girls.

The Patriots’ athletic department doesn’t have a girls’ basketball team, so girls can play on the boys’ team.

“I thought it was going to be different,” Longoria said. “But then you realize it’s like playing against anyone else.”

Sophomore Reggie Fan agreed with Longoria.

Fan said that it was just as if he was playing a normal game.

One of the girls scored 2 points, while the other didn’t score at all.

Sophomore Harkirat Lally had a season-high 23 points. Longoria and sophomore Steven Wang followed with 16 points apiece.

“We won because we were more aggressive and bigger than Wilton,” Lally said.

Fan and Longoria both attributed the win to Lally and his strong offense and defense.

“He was rebounding on offense and defense,” Longoria said. “He was an overall offensive threat.”

Longoria said that the Cavs’ strength is kicking the ball up on fast runs, but they need to be less selfish with the ball.

The boys’ next game is at home against Faith Christian at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 15.

—By Annya Dahmani

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