Despite missing a gate, freshman Ethan Hockridge recovered and qualified for a subsequent run. He placed 15th of 18 male skiers on Jan. 8. The Cavs competed in their first giant slalom) race of the season at Boreal. The next race is Monday, Jan. 11.

Kreps: Good for Cavs to ‘get their feet wet’ in first giant slalom race

“Cold, but perfect. Sunny. Epic.”

That’s how coach Jason Kreps described the day, as the Cavs competed in their first giant slalom (GS) race of the season on Jan. 8 at Boreal.

Freshman Luca Procida led the team in skiing, placing second of 18 competitors. Junior Daniel Hernried followed close behind, placing fourth.

For the girls, Elizabeth Brownridge placed 14th of 15.

“It was her first race ever, and she did a great job,” Kreps said.

For snowboarders, Aidan Cunningham placed ninth of 17 boarders. Senior Aidan Galati placed seventh of 11 girls in her first-ever race.

However, the first race of the season did not go smoothly for everybody.

Junior Emil Erickson, a skier, was disqualified because of a crash, but he is okay, according to Kreps. Freshman Ben Miner also was disqualified after missing a gate and failing to recover.

Another skier, freshman Ethan Hockridge, had a similar experience that ended differently.

On his first run of the race, Hockridge said he was expecting a great run and a top-three time. But things didn’t go as planned.

“I was going too fast for one gate, and I just couldn’t make it,” Hockridge said.

After missing a gate, a skier usually can’t recover and continue. But Hockridge didn’t let the missed gate stop him.

“After I missed that gate, I stopped and then hiked back up the hill to the gate and finished the run,” Hockridge said.

Hockridge still had a good enough time on that run, so he qualified for the second. On the next run he placed third, earning an overall ranking of 15th of 18 male skiers.

The conditions were "cold" and "sunny but perfect" for the Cavs' first giant slalom race, according to coach Jason Kreps.
(Photo used by permission of Christy Procida)
The conditions were “cold” and “sunny but perfect” for the Cavs’ first giant slalom race, according to coach Jason Kreps.

Senior Amelia Fineberg didn’t attend because she was sick, and senior Max Schmitz stayed at school.

Team members must attend only four out of six races to qualify for finals.

“It was a great first race of the season, and it was good to get everybody’s feet wet,” Kreps said.

Despite the “great” first race, there are still some improvements to be made, according to Kreps.

“We need to work on being consistent in our runs,” he said, “not being overly aggressive and just complete our runs with good times.”

Kreps said that freshman Luca Procida raced the best in the Boreal race.

“He had two very consistent runs, and placed second as a freshman, which is phenomenal,” Kreps said.

The team’s next competition is a slalom race on Monday, Jan. 11, at Northstar.

—By Jack Christian

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