Senior Brad Petchauer lays the ball up over two Forest Lake defenders. The Cavs beat the Falcons, 67-40, on Jan. 6.

Rebounding key in varsity’s convincing win over Forest Lake

After narrowly beating Forest Lake Christian High School, 60-59, last year, the varsity boys looked to put on a more dominating performance, this time with home court advantage.

And they did just that on Jan. 6.

They worked the Falcons play after play, resulting in an impressive 67-40 victory.

Sophomore Jayce McCain led the Cavs to their win with 20 points.

Before the game, McCain said his team needed to take advantage of Forest Lake’s key weakness.

“We are way more athletic,” McCain said, “which means we need to secure every rebound.”

And sophomore Rick Barros III finished the game with 17 rebounds.

Despite starting with impressive ball movement and kicking the ball up the court, the Cavs still struggled to maintain a lead in the first quarter.

They didn’t pull away until the end of the quarter, finishing 13-8.

But going into the second, the Cavs started to control the boards.

Rebound after rebound led to a plethora of easy layups. Sophomore Cole Johnson contributed to the team’s success, grabbing eight of his 12 rebounds in the first half.

This led to the Cavs outscoring the Falcons 17-8, giving themselves a comfortable 30-16 lead going into the half.

Although the Falcons stepped up their offensive prowess in the third quarter, the Cavs did not allow themselves to be outscored.

When the Falcons scored 15 points, the Cavs topped that with 20 of their own, each team having its highest scoring quarter of the night.

The fourth was more of the same. The Cavs never took their foot off the gas and continued to fill the stat sheet.

Coach David Ancrum said his team will always have to work on improving their defense, ball movement and rebounding.

The boys’ next game will be Friday, Jan. 8, at home against the Cristo Rey Saints at 7:30 p.m.

—By Jake Longoria 

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