Sophomore captain Esme Bruce-Romo prepares to inbound the ball during the JV girls' 11-41 loss against Delta High School on Dec. 17.

Strong defense from Highlands results in 11-41 loss for JV girls

After suffering a disappointing 53-13 loss to Delta High School on Dec. 14, the JV girls looked to rebound in their matchup against the Highlands High School Scots.

Unfortunately, the girls were stopped once again, losing to the Scots, 41-11.

Sophomore Smita Sikaria and freshman Emily Hayes led the team with 4 points apiece.

The game was tough from the beginning.

The Scots’ defense didn’t allow the Cavs to score the entire first quarter, as Highlands held a dominating 17-0 lead.

Freshman Bella Mathisen and Sikaria attempted to narrow the deficit in the second quarter with a free throw from Mathisen and a layup from Sikaria but to no avail.

The Scots’ defense locked up the Cavs for the rest of the quarter, allowing only those 3 points to be scored while extending their own lead.

And the Scots were up, 29-3, at the half.

Coming into the third quarter, the Scots seemed to hold all the energy in the stadium.

They immediately took control and pressured the Cavs. However, despite the Scots’ aggressiveness, the Cavs limited them to only 6 points.

The Cavs finished the quarter still down, 35-7.

The Cavs’ defense once against stepped up in the fourth quarter. The girls, not phased by the Scots’ viciousness, held Highlands once again to only 6 points.

Captain Esme Bruce-Romo said the girls need to be more aggressive.

“I think we need to be more confident with the ball,” Bruce-Romo said. “One of our main problems is not going up for shots when we are wide open.

“We need to learn not to get intimidated by the defenders.”

The girls’ next game is Monday, Dec. 21, at home in the new gym at 5 p.m.

—By Jake Longoria

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