Junior Natalie Brown shoots a free throw in the varsity girls' 42-23 win over Woodland Christian Dec. 7.

Varsity girls trump Woodland Christian, 42-23

Sophomore Yasmin Gupta had heard the stories about the Woodland Christian girls: tall, skilled and ruthless.

On top of the stories, the Cavs hadn’t beat Woodland for 10 years.

But that all changed changed on Dec. 7, when the varsity basketball girls beat Woodland, 42-23.

According to Gupta, it wasn’t even that much of a fight.

“They turned out to be short and not as good as I thought,” Gupta said.

The Cavs took the lead in the beginning and held it throughout the entire game.

At the end of the first quarter, the Cavs already had a 14-3 point lead.

Although it seemed like Woodland was picking up speed in the second quarter, the Cavs remained ahead, 24-13.

In the third quarter, the girls still had the lead at 31-19.

By the fourth quarter, Woodland had burned out, but the Cavs were in top form, scoring 11 points in the quarter.

Senior Julia Owaidat led the team in points, scoring 15 (two 3-pointers, seven free throws, and two layups).

Sophomore Annya Dahmani credits the easy win to the Cavs’ superior teamwork, communication and energy.

Gupta specifically noted good ball movement.

But the girls weren’t flawless.  Both Dahmani and Gupta felt the team struggled with layups.

Dahmani added that they had committed 12 unnecessary fouls.

“We could improve on free throws as well,” Dahmani added.

Of their 26 free throws, the Cavs sank only 18.

Although Gupta, who plays center, led the team in free throws – making all six – she said she doesn’t feel that she was up to her game.

“I played poorly; my game wasn’t the best,” Gupta said. “I didn’t make all my shots. But it was a good win for the team.”

The Cavs will face Delta High School on Monday, Dec. 14, at 6 p.m. in Clarksburg.

—By Chardonnay Needler

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