Junior Jesus Galindo-Sanchez and sophomore Jayce McCain walk into position after a ball was kicked out of bounds in the Cavs' match against Cristo Rey, which resulted in a 0-0 tie.

Well-matched Cristo Rey, Cavs struggle to gain an edge, resulting in 0-0 tie

After beating the Cristo Rey Saints, 2-1, at home on Oct. 16, the Cavs felt confident going into their game at Cherry Island on Oct. 27.

The Cavs came out strong, immediately pushing the ball into scoring position.

Junior Emil Erickson controlled the ball on the left side of the field and crossed the ball to junior Jesus Galindo- Sanchez.

Galindo Sanchez headed the ball, but it sailed just wide of the goal. After the missed opportunity, the Cavs recovered and played lock-up defense.

For the rest of the half, both teams traded possessions and kept the other from coming into scoring position.

The Cavs came out with energy in the second half, trying to gain an advantage.

Sophomore B.J. Askew controlled the ball and worked it down the sideline. Askew, seeing Erickson cutting down the middle, passed the ball between numerous Saints’ defenders.

Erickson lined up the shot, but the ball hit his foot the wrong way, resulting in another missed opportunity for the Cavs.

Senior goalie Brad Petchauer said the Cavs need to focus on finishing shots on goal.

“We need to realize where the ball and we are in relation to the goal,” Petchauer said. “Then just focusing on hitting our spots and hitting it hard.”

As the second half progressed, both teams struggled to gain an edge.

After back-and-forth trading of possession, the game ended, 0-0.

Sophomore Jayce McCain said that neither team could score because the teams were evenly matched and couldn’t penetrate each other’s defense.

“We have tied with them twice now and beat them once – but only by one,” McCain said. “We are usually evenly matched when (both teams) play at their regular skill.”

McCain said that in order for the Cavs to convert more goals, they need to work on ball placement during passes.

“We need to work on playing balls to the guy’s feet,” he said. “We sometimes play it too in front of a guy or behind them and that makes it hard to finish.”

The Cavs’ next game will be away against Faith Christian in Yuba City on Oct. 29 at 4 p.m.

—By Jake Longoria

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