Sophomore Steven Wang dribbles through a crowd of Faith Christian defenders in the boys' match, Oct. 20. The Cavs won handily, 6-0.

Cavs shut out Faith Christian with a big 6-0 win

Sophomore starter Jayce McCain said that even though the Cavs came in as favorites in their Oct. 20 game against Faith Christian, they weren’t taking the game for granted.

“We knew we were expected to win, but we needed to go out and play our hardest to secure the victory,” McCain said.

Nevertheless, the Cavs dominated the Lions from the kick-off. Whenever the Lions had the ball, the Cavs were always there to pressure them into turning it over.

A Faith Christian player tried to dribble past McCain, who stole it quickly, pushing the ball downfield. McCain dribbled past two of the Lions’ defenders, finessed them and scored an easy goal, putting the Cavs up 1-0 just 10 minutes into the game.

Shortly after, freshman Nate Jakobs stole the ball from a Lions’ player. He got into scoring position and shot the ball through numerous defenders. The ball deflected off a defender and into the goal, putting the Cavs up 2-0.

Going into the second half with a lead, the Cavs were confident but not complacent.

The Cavs controlled the ball on the Lions’ side of the field and easily got the ball into scoring position.

Sophomore Theo Kaufman crossed the ball to sophomore B.J. Askew, who was making a run at the goal. Left in a 1-on-1 situation with the goalie, Askew easily scored, putting SCDS up 3-0.

But the Cavs didn’t stop there. Kaufman, trying to do his best impression of McCain,  pushed the ball down the field solo and scored, putting the Cavs up 4-0 and adding a goal for him on the scoresheet.

Wanting to get in on the action, sophomore Steven Wang found himself with the ball in scoring position. Wang shot the ball and it easily sailed into the goal, adding a fifth goal.

At this point, the game was close to ending, and it seemed as if the Lions had given up. Kaufman once again dribbled past numerous Lions’ defenders effortlessly and scored, padding his stats and putting the Cavs up 6-0.

Although the Lions were not the Cavs’ toughest competition, McCain said there were aspects of their game that really shined.

“Our defense was amazing this game,”  McCain said. “They didn’t let a single goal go by.”

McCain said the Cavs still need to improve for matchups against better teams.

“We need to focus on starting off stronger and scoring the first goal,”  McCain said. “It’s hard for us to come back from a deficit.”

The Cavs’ next face the Buckingham Knights on Friday, Oct. 23, at 8 p.m in the SCDS Homecoming game under the lights.

—By Jake Longoria

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