JV volleyball loses 1-2 to Valley Christian for second time

After losing to the Valley Christian Lions in a close game, 1-2, the JV volleyball girls were confident and determined that they would redeem themselves and beat the Lions when they next faced them Sept. 29.

“We are going to win,” freshman co-captain Lia Kaufman said before the game.

Freshman Tori Van Vleck agreed.

“We almost won last time,” Kaufman added. “We shouldn’t have lost. We were definitely the better team. They played sloppy volleyball.”

Sadly, the Cavs were defeated similarly to the last game, 1-2.

But this time, the game was closer.

In the first set, Cavs were defeated 16-25. They then came back and won the second set, 25-17. In the third and final set, they lost 14-16.

Sophomore co-captain Sonja Hansen said that the team needs to improve on their energy level.

“One of our weaknesses is not being intense from the first match,” she said. “We start out kind of timid and have to work up our intensity. That isn’t good because we have to start out every game really strongly if we ever want to win.”

Freshman Bianca Hansen agreed.

“We need to practice keeping our energy up and spirits high during the game,” she added. “We still haven’t perfected our communication. A lot of points were from miscommunication, but the other team would also pull some cheap moves instead of earning the points with three-touch plays.”

According to Sonja, players on the Valley Christian team knew the Cavs’ styles really well.

“On (Lia’s) very first serve, I heard the captain tell everybody that she’s a deep server and to scoot back. It was kind of surprising that they remembered us so well after a couple of days.”

The Cavs’ overall record is now 2-4.

Their next game will be at home against Bradshaw Christian at 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2.

—By Annya Dahmani

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