Cavs score eight in blowout victory against Faith Christian

In a blowout victory at Faith Christian High School in Yuba City,  the boys’ soccer team defeated the Lions, 8-1.

Sophomores B.J. Askew and Theo Kaufman each scored two, while senior Diego Perochena,  junior Emil Erickson, sophomore Steven Wang and freshman Nate Jakobs scored one apiece.

Faith Christian scored its only goal of the game in the first half after a player curved in a corner kick. The Cavs did not let up on the pressure in the second half.

The Cavs won so handily because they stayed energetic, said sophomore Jayce McCain.

“We had more subs than them, so we were able to keep our players fresh,” McCain said.

Because the Cavs stayed rested, they pushed the tempo and pressured the Lions’ side of the field.

Junior Aidan Cunningham attributes the high goal count to their ability to stay on offense.

“We won most of the balls they tried to kick over our heads and onto our side,” he said. “We were able to head them out of our half before they had a chance to bounce.”

McCain said the Cavs still have to improve for when they face better teams.

“We need to improve on our defense and not letting the ball get behind us when the other team is attacking us,” he said. “We also need to work on defending corners because most goals scored on us this year were on corners and crosses.”

The Cavs’ next game will be Friday, Oct. 2, at home against the Buckingham Knights.

—By Jake Longoria

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