(From left to right) Seniors Jenny Kerbs and Aidan Galati, sophomore Yasmin Gupta and freshman Bella Mathisen get ready to pass a free ball during a set against Sacramento Waldorf on Sept. 23. The Cavs won 3-0.

Down a coach and three players, varsity volleyball pulls out a 3-0 win against Waldorf

The varsity volleyball girls took home their fourth win of the season on Sept. 23 against Sacramento Waldorf, 3-0.

While there were 12 Waldorf players, there were only 10 Cavs because juniors Kaeleigh Valverde, Alexa Mathisen and Elizabeth Brownridge did not attend. Valverde and Mathisen were sick, and Brownridge had another commitment.

Co-coach Sarah Song also did not attend because, according to sophomore Kyra Petersen, she had to finish preparing for back-to-school night in the lower school on Thursday, Sept. 24.

Junior Avi Bhullar said the Cavs were distracted during warm-up, but quickly came through.

“We were not really focused, but we pulled it together at the end of the first set,” Bhullar said.

In the first set, the Waves had the first serve, but the Cavs took back the ball in the following play. Possession of the ball went back and forth until sophomore Yasmin Gupta broke it with a six-point serving run. Senior Aidan Galati had a nine-point serving run soon after. The Cavaliers finished the set, 25-13.

In the second set, the Cavs began with a slight lead, but the Waves caught up and tied for a handful of points. Freshman Bella Mathisen said that the Cavs let the Waves catch up so much because they had started to get too cocky.

“We got a little bit too confident and started to goof off,” Bella said,

However, the Waves fell behind again after one of the refs stopped a Wave in the middle of her serve because she had taken longer than five seconds, which is the limit, for her serve. Bella said she had mixed feelings about the ref’s call.

“I was okay with it partly because we really needed to side out,” Bella said. “But on the other hand she probably should have gotten a warning.”

Later in the match, the same server did not speed up her serve very much and almost got called by the ref again.

The Waves had some very successful blocks because two front row players would always jump together and had good timing and because SCDS was often unprepared and left scrambling.

Sophomore Annya Dahmani stepped in for setter because the normal setter,  Alexa, was absent. This was the first time that Dahmani set the whole match.

“At first, I was a bit nervous,” Dahmani said, “but then I quickly shook it off. It was really fun because I haven’t really been able to set as much this year.”

Dahmani said that the hardest part about setting was that whenever there was an awkward pass, she would try to set it up, but it was never very good, so it was hard to make an offensive play.  

The Waves’ large gym had very bright, small, chandelier-like lights and was echoey, so it seemed like there was more of a crowd at the match.

The Cavs’ next game will be Friday, Sept. 25, at 6 p.m. at Valley Christian, the team’s biggest opponent.

“I think we’ll be ready,” Bella said. “We’ll have everyone’s backs and we just need to be playing well, and then we’ll have a good chance.”

Valverde said that she is looking forward to the match.

“It’ll be good for us to play a team that’s more competitive,” she said.

—By Sonja Hansen

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