The varsity volleyball team huddles while the Capital Christian team prepared to serve in a scrimmage on Aug. 25.

Extra playing time in unofficial scrimmage helps new group, new setter adjust

Junior Alexa Mathisen played her first game as setter in the varsity volleyball team’s scrimmage against Capital Christian on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

In January, Mathisen transferred from Rio Americano High School, where she played varsity her freshman and sophomore years.

Each set was 15 minutes long. There was no score kept because it was an unofficial scrimmage.

But the scrimmage was still important.

“It’s the first time that we’ve played with this group of girls,” sophomore Yasmin Gupta said. “We also have a new setter this year in Alexa. So any extra time playing together helps.”

The team next plays at home on Monday, Aug. 31, against Cornerstone Christian in another scrimmage.

—By Adam Dean

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