Baseball season ends with 16-0 playoff loss against Brookside Christian

­­Well, I guess that’s a wrap. After a tough 16-0 loss in the second game of their series against Brookside Christian, the Cavs have reached the end of their most successful season ever.

As for the May 19 game itself, it went as well as the first game against Brookside – that is to say, not well at all.

“It was the same story as last time,” said senior Skovran Cunningham. “They’re just a team full of baseball guys.”

And, boy, do those baseball guys know how to play them some ball.

By the end of the first inning, Brookside was ahead 0-4. This margin would only widen as the game went on, ending as a shut-out in the fifth inning due to the mercy rule. Just like in the first game, Brookside’s offense seemed unstoppable

“They were hitting and finding their way through,” Cunningham said. “Even their grounders. They scored a lot, but through no fault of our defense. They just knew where to hit.”

Although, Cunningham stresses, this is also through no fault of the team’s pitchers during the game – freshman Miles Edwards and senior George Cvetich – both of whom, despite a few rough patches, managed to keep the ball on target for much of the game.

And much like in the May 16  game (which ended 0-10),  the Cavs found it impossible to score even one run..

“They had some really good fielders and made some really good plays,” said sophomore Emil Erickson. “Miles was  hitting it every time he got up to bat, and even he got out every time.”

After coming out of a similar situation with the same team, one would expect team spirit to be down. But Cunningham said this is not the case.

Rather than letting the game get to them, the team managed to rally for their last hurrah.

“The attitude wasn’t as bad as you’d think,” Cunningham said. “It wasn’t like our first game, where we were screaming and yelling, but we were encouraging after every inning.”

Erickson agreed, saying that while the Cavs definitely knew their ultimate fate, they remained optimistic and positive.

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