Cavs win doubleheader against Lutheran, don’t let it go to their heads this time

Another win, another step closer to a secure spot in the playoffs.

As if the first sentence hadn’t spoiled it enough, the Cavs won their doubleheader against Lutheran on May 5 – 15-0 in the first game and 21-3 in the second.

Yikes, that’s quite a margin.

However, it’s not too much more than many of the other games this year, something that, according to the team, has had an adverse effect on the team’s game play.

“We play plenty of teams that have a reputation for…poor play,” said senior Skovran Cunningham. “Other times we’ve let that get to our heads.”

And he’s right. Much like many of their doubleheaders, the Cavs started off strong, with a 10-run rule ending the game at the end of the fifth inning.  However, unlike some of their previous games wherein bouts of error-making and close calls have led to frustration, the Cavs were able to secure the win early on.

“We put them away pretty early in the second game,” said Cunningham. “[Coaches] Michael and Millsback have been telling us all year that we need to play our best game every game. We did what they told us to do.”

And play their best they did.

Freshman Miles Edwards, who pitched all of the second game, threw a no-hitter – his second in his Country Day career.

Senior George Cvetich’s performance, though not at a no-hitter level, was also quite good.

“We really didn’t have to do much in the outfield,” said senior Keegan Crain. “We had some good support from the mound and our defense was pretty good.”

Crain also remarked that the Cavs’ offense was as good as their defense. After all, it would have to be to pull of scores like 15-0 and 21-3.

“You should tell him that Ethan struck out twice,” Cunningham yelled from across the quad.

“Ethan struck out twice,” Crain said with a laugh. “He played great at third, though.”

Senior Ethan Ham had a few words to refute this.

“Look, the ump was calling the strike zone super loose because their pitchers couldn’t throw,” Ham said. “I had a few good hits too! I hit a triple. Wait, it was a double. It should have been a triple, but I didn’t run very well.”

Well, I don’t know about that, but let’s hope that Ham and the rest of the team can collectively make up for the…running mishap next week at playoffs, on Wednesday, May 13.

Their opponent is still undetermined.

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