Baseball team clinches spot in playoffs

It’s official: the Cavs have clinched their spot in the playoffs and will be competing for the league’s second-place spot.

The final step to victory (or rather, their final step to their final step to victory) came in the form of a 4-3 victory against Buckingham on April 29.

According to sophomore David Boley, the placement that resulted from their win will be a big help in the playoffs.

“It was a big win,” said Boley. “Whoever won that game would be playing an easier team in the playoffs. That’s why it was so important.”

On Friday, May 1, the Cavs will play Lutheran. While they haven’t yet faced them this year, the team is optimistic – especially since Lutheran has a 3-15 record.

Sophomore Zane Jakobs said the Buckingham game went well – but it could have gone a lot better.

“As a team, we could have done better defensively,” Jakobs said. “There were a couple of plays where some people weren’t giving the game their best focus..”

Not only were holes in defensive play a problem, but they almost caused the game to end in defeat.

“They got someone on base and then they hit a pop fly to me,” admitted senior George Cvetich. “What I should have done was caught the ball. Instead, I missed it and almost lost the game.”

Eventually, the game would come down to two guys on base and a pop fly hit straight into left field. Fortunately, it wouldn’t be another drop, with Erik Morfin-Ruiz managing to snag it right out of the air with a jumping catch.

Jakobs noted that an aspect of the team that was definitely not slacking was the pitching.

“Hats off to Miles Edwards,” Jakobs said. “He pitched amazingly for all seven innings.”

Cvetich agreed, and wished that he and his teammates had played a little harder to back up Edwards’s stellar game.

As for the batting and baserunning, Jakobs felt that those could have been stronger as well.

Nevertheless, a victory is a victory. Hopefully, the Cavs will get their defense in gear by their game with Lutheran. However, looking at the record, they probably won’t need to.

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