Freshman Evann Rudek kicks the ball.

Our Lady of Guadalupe girls put up fight but lose to Cavaliers, 2-1

“Well, I’m not going to run,” a player from Our Lady of Guadalupe told her coach while the teams warmed up.

The player followed through on her promise, along with other players from Our Lady of Guadalupe who did not run, leading to the Cavs’ victory of 2-1.

However, several of the other players from Our Lady of Guadalupe put up a good offense, quickly passed short distances and made long drives to the goal, so the Cavs’ triumph was not an easy one.

“They were good at at passing, but they weren’t as good at keeping their offense together long enough to score,” freshman Lea Gorny said.

A few high-school students came and left throughout the game. Also some Cavs’ families stayed to watch the  whole game, but stayed quiet for most of the game.

During the first half, sophomore Kaeleigh Valverde jumped up to stop a ball that had been kicked high by freshman Evann Rudek. The ball hit Valverde in the face, but she took the opportunity to score the first point of the match. Valverde sat out for a bit, but then went on to play for the rest of the game.

The coach for Our Lady of Guadalupe kept his hands clasped on top of his head for most of the game and gave quiet comments in Spanish to his players, in comparison to the Cavs’ coach George Champayne. Champayne was much more vocal than in previous matches and could clearly be heard from across the field.

“I think George just knows what our limits are, so he’s always pushing us to exceed them and it pays off,” Gorny said.

After halftime, tensions rose between Champayne and the Cavs when a player from Our Lady of Guadalupe scored. Soon after, freshman Nicole Moxon made the final goal.

According to Gorny, the language barrier didn’t play a big role in the game’s outcome.

“After a while, you just pick up on it, (the other team’s strategy) no matter what language they speak,” Gorny said.

Offsides was called twice on Valverde and once on a player from Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Sophomore Alexa Mathisen played goalie for the entire game.

There were 16 Cavs and only 11 players from Our Lady of Guadalupe, so they had no substitutes.

The Cavs will play their last game of the season on Thursday, April 30, at 4 p.m. at home against Buckingham. The last time that the Cavs played the Lady Knights in March, the Cavs, lost 0-2.

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