Short on subs, boys’ lacrosse goes down to underdog San Marin

The boys’ lacrosse team went into their game against San Marin High School, on April 22, feeling confident that they’d get their first victory of the season.

San Marin’s lacrosse team hadn’t won since Feb. 27, 2010, when they beat San Rafael, 6-1. In 2012, the Mustangs won by forfeit against The Urban School of San Francisco in a non-conference game.

The Mustangs came into the game with a 0-7 record.

“I think we’re going to do really well,” senior Michael Wong said before the game. “The last team we played (Bella Vista) was really good, and we only lost by one point.”

Despite the Cavs’ optimism, the Mustangs won decisiveily, 6-18.

Senior Skovran Cunningham scored four goals and sophomore Aidan Cunningham scored two.

The Cavs haven’t won a game all season and have a record of 2-3 (the two wins were forfeits by Casa Roble).

“(We lost because of) a lack of effort on defense and a lack of subs,” junior Brad Petchauer said.

The Cavs had only one substitute throughout the entire game.

“They had at least 15 subs,” Petchauer said.

Sophomore Adam Dean agreed with Petchauer that the team struggled defensively.

“We struggled initially on defense, giving up a 10-2 run,” he said. “We managed to make a little run ourselves, but as the game progressed, our 11 players couldn’t hang with their 25 (or more).”

Coach Aaron Couchot also said that the team needs to get bigger.

“We need to improve at the fundamentals (such as) passing, scooping, catching – and we could use more players,” Couchot said.

Skovran attributed the loss to everyone on the team being really tired.

The team left school at  2:15 p.m. and had an hour-and-a-half car ride to San Marin.

“Honestly, we did well for how many people we had,” Skovran said. “Most teams have 10 people on their sidelines. We didn’t have subs for the people running up and down the whole game. So it gets tiring.”

Many players stepped up in the game, according to Skovran.

“Adam Dean blocked a couple of shots,” he said. “Harkirat (Lally) was out there pushing and shoving people, and same with Theo (Kaufman) who did a good job running up and down the field.

“Everyone was trying their best and giving it their all.”

The next game will be away against Lincoln High School on Tuesday, April 28, at 7 p.m.

The Cavs were defeated by Lincoln on March 20, 5-17.

The Lincoln game will be the final one of the season.

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