Western Sierra returns

“The next game will be really competitive and dirty,” sophomore Shriya Nadgauda predicted before SCDS’s April 21 game against Western Sierra Collegiate Academy.

The Cavs last faced the Wolves on March 17 and, after an hour and a half of abusive play from the Wolves, lost 3-2.

Before this game at Foskett Park, coach George Champayne said that he planned on winning as long as all players attended.. Sixteen did, but many of the missing Cavs were starters.

The Cavs lost 5-1. Sophomore Natalie Brown scored the only goal.

“We got demolished,” said freshman Nicole Moxon, who was kicked in the shin and later pushed down.

According to Moxon, the Wolves were even more aggressive than the last time the teams faced each other.

“They just pushed us around a lot,” Moxon said.

Foskett Park’s field was hilly and windy, sophomore Maryjane Garcia said. So for the majority of the game the Cavs were running uphill.

“If we had the wind on our side, we definitely would have won,” Garcia said.

Nadgauda said that the Cavs need to work on crosses and being more aggressive.

“We didn’t push back as hard as we could have,” Nadgauda said.

The Cavs’ next game will be at home against Cristo Rey at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 24, under the lights. Moxon expects a big turnout because there are only three games left.

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