Baseball team’s winning streak comes to an end against Western Sierra

All good things must come to an end. Yes, it was the Cavs’ nine-win hot streak after losing the second  game of a doubleheader against Western Sierra.

In terms of the score, the first game was fairly standard for the Cavs, with the game ending two innings early after the team came out of the fifth inning with a 12-point lead.

The Cavs’ main strength that game was their pitchers or, more accurately, freshman Miles Edwards, who pitched his first no hitter in his Country Day career.

However, Edwards said that the win wasn’t all up to him.

“We all hit well and were very supportive of each other,” Edwards said. “We played very well as a team.”

Senior Dominic Stephen agrees.

“The first game was great,” Stephen said. “Everybody did great, especially when hitting. Miles pitched a great game.”

So the second game was a giant letdown.

While the Cavs were lagging by only one run at the end of the first inning, that gap would widen until they were down 5-11 by the fourth inning, eventually ending the game with a 8-12 score and their first loss of the season.

When asked why they lost after winning so handily, the Cavs responded with a number of possible explanations,  the first of which was that the same cockiness that the team experienced last doubleheader happened again – without the eventual win, of course.

“The second game was pretty terrible,” Stephen said. “We seemed tired and came into the game cocky. All around we had  too many errors (nine) in the field.”

Senior Ethan Ham said that the cockiness affected the Cavs’ batting as well.

“We got lazy because we had won the first game so easily,” Ham. “We didn’t hit as well, and we weren’t really focused.”

However, the Cavs also suffered from a lack of manpower.

Senior Jaspreet Gill noted that he and Zane Jakobs (both second basemen) were gone in the second game.

“We ended up having to put somebody on second base who wasn’t too experienced,” Gill said.

Ham, too, was out with a back injury after the first game.

While the hot streak may be over and the “days since loss” counter may have been reset, there’s always next time.

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