Despite fewer players, baseball team pulls off victory against Trinity Prep

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And then the times got a little better and everything turned out okay.

No, that’s not an excerpt from a particularly rough draft of “A Tale of Two Cities,” but a description of Country Day’s tumultuous doubleheader against Trinity Prep, April 14.

The first game started as many of this year’s games have, with the Cavs scoring an early six runs to Trinity’s zero. Oddly enough, the Cavs would hit a dry spell until the fourth inning, wherein they scored an impressive 10, putting them 13 runs ahead of Trinity.

Trinity would fail to make up the gap by the end of the fifth inning, triggering the mercy rule and earning the Cavs a 16-5 victory.

“It was a good game,” said senior Keegan Crain. “We had good strategy, few errors, and everyone played their parts. In the end, that’s why we came out with a W.”

After a five-inning game, the Cavs were looking good, and Trinity’s prospects for the second game weren’t great. Yes, our guys were sure they had another easy win under their belts.

But by the end of the first inning, Trinity had scored 11 runs, and the Cavs were down by eight.


“We got cocky,” Crain said. “[Coach] Millsback looked ready to explode.”

By the end of the fourth inning, the Cavs had scored a whopping 15 more runs, but had gained little ground in terms of winning, as they were still down, 19-20.

But was the lapse in play due purely to overconfidence? Sophomore Zane Jakobs says no. Rather, it was due to a lack of good pitching that made the Cavs give up so many runs.

“Our pitching was bad in the second game,” Jakobs said. “Our pitchers were throwing balls, hitting batters and generally giving up more runs than they should have.”

“We got weak after the first game,” sophomore David Boley chimed in as he looked up from studying chemistry. “We held them to five runs in the first game, but we just couldn’t do that in the second.”

As if it wasn’t enough that the Cavs had to play without any fresh pitchers, there was also some trouble in the roster – most notably the absence of usual second baseman Emil Erickson, who was at a tennis match. Additionally, Jakobs had an arm injury that prevented him from playing for the last half of the first game and the first half of the second.

“We just had a ton of errors and failed to communicate,” senior Ethan Ham said.

However, the Cavs pulled off the win, eking out a three-run lead by the bottom of the seventh inning after switching in Ham, their pitcher fin the first game.

A good thing, too, as they might not have survived the car ride home had they given up that game.

“Millsback was really mad at us,” said senior Erik Morfin-Ruiz. “Honestly, I think we won because of his yelling. We finally decided to try our hardest.”

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