Tennis team defeated by Forest Lake after three members forfeit match

The tennis team lost to Forest Lake again on April 14.

Eight members lost their matches and three forfeited.

Despite the forfeits, the team still had enough players to possibly win.

Freshman Lily Brown, playing number-2 singles, lost her match, 1-6 in the first set and 5-7 in the second.

“My opponent had a lot of spin on her ground strokes, making it hard to return,” Brown said. “I later found out that she has her own tennis court at her house.”

Brown improved in the number of games she won and accurate serves from the match of April 9.

Senior Lara Kong lost her number-1 singles match, 0-6 and 1-6.

Seniors Grant Miner and Anna Wiley lost in doubles, 1-10.

Juniors Akilan Murugesan and Colby Conner lost first boys’ doubles, 7-10, and seniors Maxwell Shukuya and Chien Ho lost second boys’ doubles, 1-10.

Freshmen Yasmin Gupta and Molly Gherini and junior Johann Dias forfeited their matches.

Gupta forfeited her match to go to her AAU Basketball practice, resulting in Gherini and Gupta’s forfeit of their doubles game.

The next game is away against Highlands High School on April 16. 3-4 p.m.

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