The girls stretch in a circle before their game.

Girls’ soccer loses 3-2 in injury-filled game against rough, wild Western Sierra

In their pre-game huddle, coach George Champayne told the Cavs the importance of defending their home field. However, the Cavs were unable to defend their territory against Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, losing 3-2.

Western Sierra’s mascot, the wolf, is fitting based on their brutal playing.

Along with being pushed and fouled, freshman Nicole Moxon received a cut inside her mouth after a Wolf hit Moxon’s face with the ball.

“It’s like a really deep cut inside of my mouth.” Moxon said. “My tooth cut the inside of my cheek. It hurt so bad. The other team had really bad sportsmanship.”

A Wolf player broke freshman Annya Dahmani’s collarbone. Dahmani’s mother, Zina, took her to the emergency room after the game.

“The stupid girl who pushed me didn’t even say sorry or help me up,” Dahmani said. “When I was walking past the other team’s bench, none of the players or coaches said anything, so I was really surprised and shocked.”

Dahmani said she might be out for the rest of the season due to her injury, but won’t know for sure until confirmation from her doctor.

Other girls were upset over the Wolves’ rough play, too. One tweeted, “I can deal with losing. I can’t deal with people who think soccer is MMA.”

Sophomore Natalie Brown and junior Aidan Galati each scored goals despite the harsh play.

Sophomores Kaeleigh Valverde, Isabelle Leavy and Elizabeth Brownridge missed the game. Valverde was sick, Leavy had a hip injury and Brownridge was in tutoring.

It was freshman Nina Dym’s first game of the season, but she didn’t play because she hadn’t attended previous practices and games due to illness.

“I feel like I’m definitely behind because I’ve never had any experience with soccer before.” Dym said. “Hopefully by next time George (Champayne) will put me in.”

The Cavs are eager to take their revenge against the Wolves the next time around on Tuesday, April 21.

“I’m excited to play them again.” Dym said. “They played unfairly by lashing at our girls and injuring a few players.”

“It would be nice to get some payback,” sophomore Anny Schmidt said.

Meanwhile, the girls need to concentrate on beating Cristo Rey.  The game will be at Cherry Island Soccer Complex at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 19. Players will be dismissed at 2 p.m.

This story has been edited since publication.

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