Freshman Annya Dahmani dribbles the ball to the basket, preparing to shoot.

Girls crush Panthers, 44-14

In a blowout game against Lutheran High School, Feb. 6, the girls’ basketball team won 44-14.

Even though the Panthers weren’t a difficult team, the Cavs didn’t play to their full potential, junior Julia Owaidat said, committing eight turnovers throughout the game.

However, the turnovers didn’t have any grave repercussions for the girls because the Cavs put on a full-court press from the beginning of the game. They also had good ball movement.

“A lot of the players from the (Panthers) are new players, so that gave us the experience advantage,” Owaidat said.

Although it was clear that the Cavs were going to win by halftime with a score of 31-6, the Panthers’ aggression never ceased.

In fact, their aggression injured freshman Annya Dahmani.

As Dahmani was on her way down from making a layup, two Panther players jumped up and squished her from both sides. Dahmani was pushed to the ground by one of the girls, causing her to hurt her left wrist when she landed.

“Neither of them said sorry,” Dahmani said.

“It’s really rude when people don’t have good sportsmanship when they injure someone just because they are losing the game.”

Freshman Yasmin Gupta was the high scorer for the Cavs, with 12 points.

Sophomore Alexa Mathisen scored 10 points, Dahmani scored 7, freshman Katia Dahmani scored 6, Owaidat scored 5, and senior Micaela Bennett-Smith scored 4.

The girls’ next game is Tuesday, Feb. 10, against Faith Christian in Yuba City at 6 p.m.


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