Freshman Jayce McCain shoots a free throw.

Sacramento Adventist’s last-minute basket takes varsity boys into overtime

Both sides of the gym cheered and stomped their feet, each cheering for their respective team.

The Cavs were leading 51-48, with 19 seconds left.

Time slowed to a standstill as a player from Sacramento Adventist Academy stole the ball and made a 3-pointer, bringing the Sacramento Adventist crowd to their feet.

The Cavs had the ball now, but they quickly lost possession.

However, the Capitals were unable to score in the few seconds left of regulation time.

In overtime, the ball bounced across both sides of the gym as each team scored.

The Cavs won, 58-57, despite a Capitals’ 3-pointer being scored several seconds before the buzzer.

“I was pretty mad. We shouldn’t have let that guy shoot that 3-pointer,” freshman B.J. Askew said.

“Our defense was lazy, and we could’ve prevented (the shot).”

Freshman Jayce McCain agreed.

“We should’ve beaten (the Capitals) by more points,” he said.

Despite the anger, McCain and the team kept their composure in overtime.

But both Askew and freshman Rick Barros III were injured in the game.

Barros was knocked down and tweaked his back, which was still healing from a previous back injury.

Askew was also thrown down by a Capitals’ player.

“It hurt, but I had to push through,” he said.

Head coach Dave Ancrum was in Chicago during the game, so coach Gary Brisco directed the plays.

He was relieved the team went into overtime.

“i knew the team would win (once we were in overtime),” he said.

“We just had to match up to (the Capitals’) level of competition. They’re tough, but we are a better team.”

McCain was the Cavs’ high scorer with 20 points and three 3-pointers. Freshman Cole Johnson made 14 points, and Askew scored 12.

The boys’ next game is at home on Tuesday, Feb. 3, against Cristo Rey at 7:30 p.m.

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