Sophomore Daniel Hernried prepares to ski down the hill in a race at Northstar, Jan. 23.

Ski and snowboard team competes at Northstar

The ski and snowboard team competed at Northstar on Jan. 23.

Junior Amelia Fineberg finished in 7th place of 14 racers. She said she “lucked out” due to a timing error.

“Because  they messed up the timing for the girls’ first run we had to redo it,” Fineberg said. “My rerun time was way better than my original time.”

Sophomore Daniel Hernried placed 6th of 16 in his second race of the year.

He also had a fortunate break when two racers ahead of him fell.

Snowboarders senior Jaspreet Gill and sophomore Aidan Cunningham also represented the team. They finished in 15th and 12th respectively out of 16.

Gill attributed his poor performance to the bad snow conditions.

“Conditions were absolutely horrible,” Gill said. “Both runs it screwed me over. I’m confident I would have been in the top 10 in better conditions.”

Northstar hasn’t received any snowfall in the past seven days.

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