Junior Julia Owaidat charges in for a layup in the homecoming match against Faith Christian, Jan. 16.

Chaos on the court: freshman almost punched in Homecoming game

With a slow start to the Homecoming game against Faith Christian, Jan. 16, the girls’ basketball team pulled out a win, 37-34.

The Cavs were behind until sophomore Alexa Mathisen scored in the third quarter, making the score 25-23.

The points continued to go back and forth, but the girls started to fall behind once again with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

However, the Cavs regrouped during a time out called by coach Matt Vargo. After the break, they started to pass exceptionally well, pushing past the Lions’ defense and securing a narrow lead of 36-34.

The aggression of the teams never ceased.

With 4.6 seconds left in the fourth, a Lions’ player pushed freshman Yasmin Gupta into the Lions’ point guard who had possession of the ball, causing Gupta, the point guard and junior Julia Owaidat to fall.

While the Lions’ player was getting up, she took a swing at Gupta, missing her face by inches.

Gupta put her hands up to defend herself while trying to get off of the player as fast as she could.

With a startled grin, Gupta walked off of the court due to fouling out of the game.

“If she had actually punched me, I wouldn’t have been as calm as I had been,” Gupta said.

After the game, the Lions’ player apologized to Gupta.

“She said that she just got really frustrated, and she kept apologizing while she talked. She was actually a pretty nice girl,” Gupta said with a laugh.

One second after the game resumed, Owaidat was fouled while attempting a layup, allowing her to score the last point of the match.

The girls’ next game is Friday, Jan. 23, against Buckingham Charter School at Vaca Pena Middle School in Yuba City at 6 p.m.

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