Freshman Yasmin Gupta beats Capital players to the basket in the game against Sacramento Adventist, Jan. 12.

Despite aggressive play, girls fall to Sac Adventist

From the very first second of the girls’ basketball game against Sacramento Adventist, Jan. 12, red-faced coach Matt Vargo was on his feet, clapping and yelling at the Cavs to do a full-court press.

The Cavs and the Capitals were very evenly matched throughout the game, with a halftime score of 14-14.

“The players are so passionate,” spectator junior Adam Ketchum said during the halftime break. “You can see it on their faces that they are giving it 110 percent.”

Even with all of the Cavs’ spirit, they started boxing out less in the second half, resulting in a final score of 31-42.

Although they lost, the girls were so aggressive during the match that they were falling onto the court to get the fumbled balls.

Senior Micaela Bennett-Smith and sophomore Alexa Mathisen were taken out because of knee injuries caused by falling, which were inspected by Michelle Myers, P.E. curriculum coordinator. However, because of the intensity of the game and the players’ passion to play, both were  immediately patched up and sent back into the game.

Some players, including Katia and Annya Dahmani, were doing rolls that are commonly used in volleyball to break their falls and to make faster recoveries.

Even with a large Cav lead in the beginning of the third quarter, the girls couldn’t hold it.

“By the beginning of the fourth, we had pushed ourselves so far,” sophomore Natalie Brown said.

“Although we kept fighting until the end, we couldn’t keep up the energy and aggression.”

The Cavs’ next game is Tuesday, Jan. 13, against Wilton Christian in the Galt Small Gym at 7 p.m.

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