The boys' varsity basketball team walks onto the court.

Boys’ varsity not distracted by coach’s complaining

“That’s out of bounds!” the Stone Ridge Knights’ coach complained to the referees.

“Let us do the reffing, Coach,” a referee responded.

Throughout the Jan. 2 game, the Knights’ coach was shouting constantly—whether it be chastising his team or the referees.

But the boys played as if distraction were nonexistent.

“We don’t let those type of distractions get to our heads,” freshman Jayce McCain said.

And he was right. The boys defeated Stone Ridge Christian, 71-45.

McCain and freshman Rick Barros led the team with 18 points each.

A problem hurting the Cavs is missed layups.

“We need to focus on finishing layups,” freshman B.J. Askew said. “(They’re) costing us easy points.”

The boys’ next game is Thursday, Jan. 8, against Valley Christian at Sleep Train Arena.

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