Boys beat Hamilton, despite freethrow inaccuracy

“White, 3!” the ref called.

“Block. Two shots,” he said to the scorekeepers.

Freshman Jayce McCain stepped up to the free throw line and made the first shot.

As he set up for the second, freshman Rick Barros high-fived him.

He missed the second shot.

“Make your free throws!” coach Dave Ancrum called.

Although the boys missed eight of 22 free throws, they beat the Hamilton High School Braves at the Mesa Verde Small School Challenge, 59-52.

Barros was the high scorer with 15 points. He made seven of nine free throws. Freshman B.J. Askew made 14 points and four of seven free throws. McCain made 13 points and three of four free throws.

The Cavs led by more than 20 points during the third quarter, but quickly lost their huge lead due to missed free throws and layups.

“We really let up at the end of the game,” Barros said.

“We need to be at 100 percent the entire game, which we weren’t yesterday, either.”

Ancrum agreed.

“We (have to) work on our free throws,” he said. “We did terribly in that sense.”

The boys’ next game is at Hiram Johnson High School on Tuesday, Dec. 30, at 7 p.m. There, they will take on the Hiram Johnson Warriors.

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