Senior Isabella Tochterman dribbles the ball, working her way around the strong Woodland Cardinals towards the basket.

Turnovers, lack of practice hurt girls

The girls’ basketball team suffered a preseason loss against Woodland Christian Dec. 16, 25-50.

The Cavs’ downfall was caused by a large number of turnovers, especially in the first quarter.

Whenever the Cavs tried to break down the press, they ended up losing the ball immediately after that play, sophomore Natalie Brown said.

The loss wasn’t surprising, though, as the Cardinals usually defeat the Cavs by a large margin, according to senior Micaela Bennett-Smith.

“This year they have one senior who’s very fast and tall, who ended up getting a lot of their points at the very beginning of the game,” Bennett-Smith said.

Bennett-Smith also said that the Cardinals were both very in sync with each other and in good shape, which ended up tiring the Cavs out by the end of the game.

To beat teams like Woodland in the future, freshman Yasmin Gupta said that players will have to come to practices more consistently.

“We aren’t in shape as a team, which means that it is difficult for us to run up and down the court for 32 minutes and play skilled basketball at the same time,” Gupta said

Bennett-Smith agreed with Gupta.

“We also need to work on faster passes and having more people shoot on offense,” she said. “Once we do this, we will be able to compete with the best teams.”

The Cavs’ first league game is at home on Friday, Jan. 2, against Stoneridge Christian at 4:30 p.m.

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