Freshman B.J. Askew leaps up to make a basket.

Boys’ varsity basketball crushes Woodland Christian, despite being the shorter team

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, senior Chance Kenealy, a student at Woodland Christian, towered over the SCDS boys’ varsity basketball team.

But even with the height advantage, he and the rest of his team failed to block the Cavs, who crushed Woodland, 84-48.

The non-conference game began with four freshman starters: Jayce McCain, B.J. Askew, Cole Johnson and Rick Barros, as well as senior Skovran Cunningham. The same five began the second half, as well.

“No one on the team cares that they’re freshmen,” Cunningham said.

“They’re talented, and they tear the court up, so it doesn’t matter to us.”

McCain, Askew and Barros made a handful of 3-point shots. Junior Serajh Esmail made a 3-pointer, as well.

With 21 points, McCain was the high scorer with Askew close behind at 20.

At various points during the game, all the other players in attendance (Esmail, senior George Cvetich and junior Brad Petchauer) were subbed in, and everyone scored.

Cvetich scored 10 points, the most he’s made this season.

“Compared to how little I’ve scored the rest of this year, I’ve improved a lot,” he said.

Coach Dave Ancrum agrees, and says that the whole team has improved as well since the last game.

“We did a lot better with our layups,” Ancrum said.

The boys’ defense was also stronger, he added.

The team will play next at Victory Christian against San Juan on Thursday, Dec. 18, at 5:30 p.m.

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