Sophomore Camille Locke performs the role of Clara in the Pamela Hayes production of "The Nutcracker."

Sophomore Camille Locke to perform in Sacramento Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’

Sophomore Camille Locke will be performing one of the highest student roles in the Sacramento Ballet production of The Nutcracker.

Locke is in the corps in “The Waltz of the Flowers,” the highest role a student can have.

There are 14 people in the corps.

All the roles above Locke’s are filled by members of the Sacramento Ballet Company.

Out of the 16 performances, Locke will be performing in four—on Dec. 11, 13 ,14 and 20.

This is Locke’s 12th time performing The Nutcracker, although it is only her second year performing with the Sacramento Ballet. Her previous performances were student productions, so she got higher roles.

“At my old studio (Pamela Hayes’s Classical Ballet), I was the best dancer,” Locke said. “So I was Clara.”

For Clara, Locke had to be in character, acting childish, and stand out. On the other hand, for the “Waltz of the Flowers,” the main idea is to make everyone look good by not standing out, she said.

Sophomore Camille Locke takes a selfie in her "Waltz of the Flowers" costume.
Photo used with permission by Camille Locke
Sophomore Camille Locke takes a selfie in her “Waltz of the Flowers” costume.

Locke’s performance this year is seven minutes, longer than anything she had to do as Clara.

Last year Locke was an archangel in the Sacramento Ballet production.

Locke is looking forward to watching the company members when they’re dancing. “This year, they are on stage while I am on stage,” Locke said. “So I get to see them coming in and out.”

The dancers in the company are 18-28 years old. The trainees in the company have roles similar to Locke’s.

“I’ve always been one of the youngest in all the roles I’ve done, but it’s definitely intimidating,” Locke said. “There’s a fine line between other dancers appreciating your talent and becoming jealous or disliking you.”

Locke hopes to join the company.

She wants to to get into college, and then delay her acceptance for a year. During this year, she will try out for the Sacramento Ballet Company.

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